Tuckpointing & Masonry Services

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Tuckpointing & Masonry

Tuckpointing is the repair and replacement of mortar between broken brick or stone walls and issues like this can lead to large looses of heat. Cracks, gaps, and crumbling mortar are signs that tuckpointing is needed. Paying close attention to detail, Second City always delivers the best workmanship possible. After the job is finished, we perform a thorough site clean-up, leaving your property as close to the condition we found it.

Chimney Repair & Restoration

Chimney repair can range from tuckpointing to a complete rebuild on homes and low-rise buildings. Second City’s masonry experts will determine the right solution. As part of the job, we will analyze the condition of your chimney liner and replace it if necessary. Chimney in disrepair can cause major heat loos costing you $$$.

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