Roof replacement: What Are The Basic Steps?

There will always be a time when you have to replace your home roof. There are many reasons why the roof of your house can be damaged. Natural disasters and bad weather are some of the common reasons for roof replacement. This type of home renovation should not be taken lightly. There are times people try to do it by themselves, but it is always recommended to take the help of a professional roofing contractor for the replacement process.

Here are the 5 basic steps which you should go through at the time of roof replacement:

Roof replacement: What Are The Basic Steps?

Step 1: Removing The Old Roof

In the first step, the old roof shingles should be removed so that the new ones can be attached in the right place. But before removing it, it is advisable to take help from the professionals as they have the skilled manpower, proper equipment, and absolute knowledge. The reason for removing the old shingles is not always for the placing of the new ones, it is also for the checking of wood decking placed under the roof. Sometimes people place new shingles over the old one but it has never been a good idea.

Step 2: Inspecting the Wood Decking

After removing the old roof shingles, the contractor will inspect the decking to check whether they fit for the installation process or not. Sometimes wood gets broken, damaged or wet due to bad weather condition or long time use. As the wood decking works as the base for placing the roofing material, contractors always go through it with extra care so that the new roof can remain more safe and secure. Wherever damaged or water-logged wood is located, it is the responsibility or the contractor to replace the wood to provide and strong surface to fasten the shingles and also avoid possible mold accumulation.

Step 3: Preparing The Roof Surface

For preparing the roof surface, the first thing you to be done is to install the drip edge. The drip edge is a metal that actually protects the shingles from being damaged by water. After that, there is a waterproof material that will be placed above the decking and will be under the roof material.

Step 4: Placing The New Roofing Materials

Now, it is time for placing the new roof covering. Please keep in mind that the time of installing the roofing material may vary depending on the roofing material which is being used for installation. For example, if you are using slate as your roofing material, then it can take more time than normal to install it. Also, the contractors have to be more cautious in that step as it covers the most important part of roof replacement.

Step 5: Clean Up The Place

We have completed our installation process and now it is time to clean the site. The debris shingles and other discarded material should be cleaned up to leave the work site as clean as it was found. It is the responsibility of the contractor to leave the place as clean as they found it in the first place.

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