3 Warning Signs You Need New Gutters

For many homeowners, the term replacement has highly negative connotations and invokes images of massive reconstruction. But this is not always the case where gutters are involved since damaged pieces can be changed piecemeal. You should not take gutter repairs or even replacement issues lightly because they perform the critical task of directing rainwater away from your house.

3 Warning Signs You Need New Gutters In fact, you should never procrastinate where gutter replacement is concerned. This issue will only get worse with time and you will require massive renovation as the water seeps into the walls. There are certain tell-tale signs that can easily help you determine if your gutters need immediate repairs or even outright replacement.

Hidden Cracks and Splits

Gutter maintenance is a recurring activity that you should never put off, especially after a hard winter. When you are cleaning the gutters, you should be on the lookout for even tiny cracks, fissures and splits. A really small crack may not mean much, but it will almost certainly grow bigger over time. This holds particularly true for people living in a rapid freeze/thaw environment where water seeps into the crack and turns to ice. This causes even a small crack to split open till it ruptures your gutter line.

Water drips away into the ground via the gutters, but solid ice is heavy, and it puts greater strain on the crack. This is why even if you have small fissures in your gutter, you should replace them immediately. This way, the excess moisture will not seep into the walls of your house.

Rust and Peeling Paint: Two Tell-Tale Sign of Moisture Damage

You gutter system is made from solid galvanized steel. Moreover, it is coated with an anti-rust covering to ensure that the external drainage system is well protected from external moisture and/or water damage. If the coating is intact, it will prevent rust and corrosion. However, peeling paint is a tell-tale sign that there is a serious problem in your drainage system.This means that moisture damage has already corroded your gutters from the inside, and now it is attacking the external portion of your gutter line.

As the coating starts to peel, you might notice orange colored flecks around the joints of the gutter, especially in areas where they are connected to your home. This means that the corrosion level is so high that your house is in imminent danger of seepage. You should take remedial measures as soon as possible.

Sagging Gutters

Your gutters will only start to sag when they are too full of water and the weight is pulling them down. This means that they are not able to function properly and are holding the water rather than letting it run into the ground. Eventually, this will mean seepage issues. These can easily be avoided if you were to replace these sagging gutters immediately.

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